This blog, as they say,  is mostly about me.  It’s about helping people by sharing with them what is working (and not working) for me.

I am a husband, a minimalist, a barefooter, a bicyclist, a body surfer, and a bowler.  I am a teacher/coach.  I am also a bio-sculptor, using body weight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension system, and yoga to rebuild and reshape a body I have let get way out of specs… in addition, I’m now following a LCHF (mostly) primal/paleo diet – along with some bicycle riding and swimming –  all to make positive changes to my physique and psyche.

I am an “Apologist-in-Training”, a follower of Jesus Christ with some zen-buddist overtones, who was raised a Southern Baptist.  (Can I get an Amen, brother?)  I am training to become (1) a freelance copywriter (see other weblog – http://thecopywriterguy.wordpress.com), and (2) an ‘apologist’ for the faith (reference 1 Peter 3:15).



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