I am no one important.  I’m not easy to define, and I don’t believe the term exists to narrowly classify me into any single genre or phylum.  I’m nobody special, just someone making his way through this world, trying to find balance & harmony and trying to do so barefoot whenever possible.

Husband, Father, Minimalist, Body Surfer, Bowler, Coach & Teacher, Anarchist (it means “no rulers” and “no masters”) and a follower of Jesus Christ (at which, by the way, I suck), and a priest of Dudeism (Google it).

Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club (US Navy):  I was a submarine-qualified, “dolphins”-wearing Electronics Technician (Navigation).  ET1 (CPO-PNA).

I have worked in sales and sales management most of the last 20 years – copiers and fax machines; telecommunications; commercial doors, frames, and hardware; funeral services, including burial property and cremation; outside sales, inside sales, sales management and sales coaching and teaching.

I am a reformed tao bum, a beach bum too far from the beach, semi-retired adventurer & traveler, voracious reader, parrothead, amateur luddite, acoustical-guitarist wannabe, closet optimist, true realist, lifelong cynic, trivia fiend, collector of arcane & useless knowledge, bicycle-riding neo-environmentalist and as I referenced above, an anarchist (I vote for no master, bow to none, and believe in a Non-Aggression Platform and voluntary relationships).

A Southern Baptist-raised but now just working to be a follower of Jesus Christ, with some zen-buddhist overtones that help me in my objective as an apologist-in-training for defending the faith, & a perpetual student of all things interesting (to me).

My new creed:  simplicity, minimalism, purpose, focus, silence, joy; be content with, and want little – eliminate anything that is unnecessary.

I am a freelance (unaffiliated) missionary to the Conch Republic.

I’ll be posting about my progress through life.

For this blog, what it all boils down to is:  it’s basically about me; and if I can help someone else along the way, so much the better.



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