A New Start – June 01, 2016

June 01, 2016

In the last three days, my blood sugars have gone from readings of 122, 117, to 112.  I stop taking the Metformin (1000mg, twice a day) and have eaten only eggs and a tablespoon of fruit-only jam with them for the last two days. Two eggs and a bit of jam late mornings and three eggs and jam early evening – both with coffee and a little cream.

My plan for the next three months is to eat a diet of near-zero carbs (no plant foods) for 90 days.  Meat, eggs, aged hard cheese, butter, water, coffee with cream.  (Beef, bacon, ham, sausages, chicken, turkey, some fish and shellfish, lots of eggs, hard cheeses (like extra sharp cheddar), filtered water, and coffee with a bit of cream and some black tea.

No sugars.  No plant foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts).  No vegetable oils.  No bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, crackers, rice, potatoes, etc.

Eat only from the animal kingdom.  Train 15 minutes a day (minimum).  Body weight, kettlebells, jump rope, swimming, and cycling.  Walk or ride the bicycle everywhere possible, with a 30-minute walk every day (minimum).  This will be basically two meals a day, approximately six hours apart, with Intermittent Fasting of 18 hours or so combined with a training regimen of short, intense exercise coupled with long walks, bicycle rides, and low-level cardio work.

I am currently 63-1/2 years old.  I am 5’7” in height and weigh 166 pounds at the start of this program.  I had a stroke a little over a year-and-a-half ago and can no longer work.  I have around 80-85% recovery at this point.  My fine motor skills are still affected; I have grip problems sometimes and my handwriting is shaky.  I have a slight balance problem if I try to move too quickly or even stand up too fast.

But with the near-zero carb way of eating and the training routine and change to my lifestyle from one of stroke-enforced sedentary living to one of a recovering athlete, I will make this comeback by being physically active and taking charge of health and body.

I will post my progress, my feelings as I go along, and other things of interest (to me).  I am an (unaffiliated, non-denominational) freelance missionary at large, so some of my posting will be about being a follower of Jesus Christ, about theism, about how I am not a Calvinist and why, and often the post make be as short as a reference to another writer’s / blogger’s article that I find important or interesting with just a URL or website and a short comment.

If you find the material worth reading, great.  If not, that’s okay too.  I’m really doing this for me anyway as a means of keeping a journal (real men don’t say “diary”) and a record of my progress back to health.



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