This Song In My Head

For several weeks now, I’ve had this chorus, this song running around in my head.  I have been getting the distinct impression from God that I will have to sing it before my family church congregation before He is going to release it from my skull.

So I asked my wife, Bonnie, if she would like to sing this song with me.  She said, “Yes, you know I love to sing with you.”

Then I asked her if she would sing this song with me at church… in front of the congregation?  (slight pause; change in pitch) “Yes, you know I love to sing with you.”

I then got hold of Pastor Dan (Burr) and explained my desire to embarrass myself at Crossroads Community Church.  Not only would he give us the opportunity, he would personally play the piano accompaniment for us.  Wow.

We made a date to meet to briefly rehearse the song and agreed to sing on Sunday, November 27th.

One of the things that led to this, other than the nagging chorus almost continually running through my mind, is Bonnie and I both “grew up” in church.  She as Grace Brethren and Baptist; me as a Southern Baptist – which is why in any extended conversation with me you will detect a small southern drawl, you’all.

Among the things that helped define us as we grew up in the church was the worship.  We were both raised on the great hymns and developed a huge love for southern gospel quartet music as well.  We are truly blessed at our church with both terrific singers and outstanding musicians.  It really is difficult to remain humble when our small but mighty choir performs, or our worship leaders solo, or when our musicians cut loose and play – sometimes I think the angels might even be a little jealous.

One of the reasons Bonnie and I left our previous church home was the worship was no longer inspiring.  There were several other reasons, but this post is focused on music and song, so I’ll just keep it there.  The ‘leaders’ had unceremoniously relieved a couple of previous ‘Ministers of Music’ over the course of several months and we were reduced to a small group of young men with a couple of guitars who seem to think the way to worship God was to sing simple praise choruses over and over (and over and over – okay, you get the picture).   While it was ‘praise’ and meant to be uplifting to celebrate God, it left the two us wanting in our souls.

Because we were raised more ‘old school’ in our worship music, we began to miss the hymns, especially the ones with great message and often taken from scripture itself.  In the chorus of church music, we seemed to be leaving behind too many of the old songs that meant so much to us.  And again, this song just kept running through my head and would not leave.  I started to understand what Paul was feeling when he asked that this affliction be taken from him.

So as I write this at six o’clock in the morning, I look forward to the chance to finally sing, with my wonderful wife, this song in my head and hopefully lay it to rest.  I know, there’s no guarantee of that; or for that matter, that after we sing He won’t slip another tune into my mind.

But today, at least, I’ll get the opportunity to try and expunge it from my head.  (If you’re really interested in what the song is, either be at church this afternoon, or make a comment to this post – I’ll let you know.)

~ Faith, Chuck


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