Iron Sharpens Iron

This is from an e-mail I sent to several Christian friends this morning (11/04/11):
Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) tells us “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” 
It takes iron to sharpen iron.  Sharpening a knife requires iron at least as hard as the knife.  Once sharpened, a knife is bright, sharp, and ready for much more productive service.  

If you use Twitter (and if you don’t, here’s a reason to), I’ve started a new twitter account ( solely for the purpose of helping each other in the area of accountability and continuing to help one another grow and flourish in the Lord.  

I’ve already this morning started to ‘follow’ some of you and I invite you to join with me that we might support and ‘sharpen’ one another.  I know many of you already have several other social media accounts, and even utilize multiple twitter accounts, but I believe this is an addition that can begin to make a difference in our lives. 

I know I need the help and support of other Christians to be sure I’m held accountable for my thoughts, my choices, the decisions I make in life, the support of other prayer warriors keeping me in their thoughts and prayers and lifting me up to the Lord as I endeavor to lift others in prayer and supplication for their needs. 

So I’m asking you to use your twitter account and ‘follow’ me as I will follow you on this account.  If you haven’t used the twitter account you set up lately, or wish to start another just for this purpose (as I’m doing – I’ll still be using my other twitter sites, but not for this mini-mission), please do so and join me.

I need you, my fellow Christians, to be there for me; and I certainly want to be there for you.  

Thank you and God bless! 

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