Try Google+

I signed up for Google + …

The decision to go with google+ was based on the premise that I’m a fan of Google and try to use the various Google apps – Gmail, GDocs, Calendar, Picasa3, etc.

So now it’s going to be a matter of growing the number of people that use google+ to make it more worthwhile as a communication / sharing tool… I know that Google would like to see it expand and become a social media powerhouse to rival Facebook, and since I use (but am not a great fan of) Facebook, I’d love to see more people convert or at least share with google+. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a huge fan and user of Twitter — and — )

But because I have so much more faith in the people and security of Google than I do with Facebook, I’d love to see more people migrate to this application on the ‘net.

I’ll be sending out some ‘invites’ and I hope you’ll decide to take advantage of google+ (yeah, I know, it means starting a lot of stuff all over again… but trust me, I firmly believe it will be worth it.

Join me and let’s find out together.

~ Chuck Pruitt


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