Social Dynamics & Being Linked-in

I joined Linked-in, a business, professional and social network on the web.

As part of joining this working group, it asks if there is anyone in your address book you would like to invite to also join up… and of course, I said yes – there were several people in my address book I thought might benefit from this association.

Imagine my surprise when one of the responders was Steven Barnes.  For those unfamiliar with his work, he is an amazing writer – both in the fields of science fiction and other genres, and he publishes a blog (Dar Kush) that always has me challenged to stretch my mind and think.

Read the stuff on his blog (, visit some of the links to other blogs he favors, and let your mind (and prejudices you probably thought you did not really harbor) be expanded.  His sharing of thoughts and ideas have led to some serious introspection of my own feelings and thought processes and helped me realize that, as a dear friend of mind is fond of saying, “your perception is your reality.”

Check his stuff out; you won’t be disappointed.


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